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Montgomery Virtual Program (MVP) is the perfect solution for those seeking an outstanding online educational program.  We can provide the high quality, supportive education that your student needs to succeed because we are focused on student outcomes, program versatility, community engagement, and the personalization of learning.


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I have two daughters, 9th and 10th grade and MVP was the perfect solution for them. They are both highly sensitive and struggled with anxiety in “brick and mortar”  school. Switching to MVP gave them back control of their environment and could put their energy and attention on learning. Was a huge boost to their confidence.

High School Parent

Teachers are easy to contact and encouraging.  

Middle School Parent


The best part was being able to work when it was good for my child and at her pace. We also liked the recorded lessons with a teacher as part of learning.

Elementary School Parent

Anytime I had a tech issue; was able to talk someone immediately.  

10th Grade Student

Advanced Placement®

Really easy to go at your own pace with the option of doing more in one day or less another. The teacher I had was also very quick at responding and very friendly and helpful.  

11th Grade Student

It’s a great program.  Between the support from the school and the support of the teachers and administrators at MVP, it was a great experience.  

High School Parent

Unlike other “one size fits all” online programs found in the marketplace, Montgomery Virtual Program is built to meet the individual needs of diverse learners.   We have vetted and selected a variety of online content providers to ensure access to an engaging curriculum that is rigorous, tied to state standards, and taught by highly qualified teachers.

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With MVP, students can:

  • Graduate from their home district
  • Complete online coursework on a schedule that works for them
  • Participate in school-sponsored activities, clubs, and athletic programs
  • Attend a vocational/technical high school

Our diverse course offerings include:


  • Standard and accelerated
  • Honors and AP®
  • General Electives
  • World Language
  • Credit and unit recovery
  • SAT, ACT, and Keystone Prep

 MVP supports schools, students, and parents by providing a versatile online program that fosters student success. We offer substantial financial savings to schools in comparison with traditional Cyber Charter enrollments and we do not charge a membership fee. Tuition and fees are based on the number of student enrollments each term.  Montgomery Virtual Program can be a total online learning solution or an extended service to support students needs.

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