What is Montgomery Virtual Program?

Montgomery Virtual Program (MVP) provides online delivery of curriculum that allows students to be taught from home through instruction via the internet. Students can work from home and/or school on a full or part time basis.

Who can enroll in courses through Montgomery Virtual Program?

Children who are students of participating schools/districts, with the approval of school personnel, may enroll in courses with the Montgomery Virtual Program.

What equipment is needed to participate in the program?

To complete online courses, a computer with internet access is needed. A Windows-based, Macintosh computer, or *Chromebook laptop is required. *Please note World Language courses will not work on a Chormebook currently.

Based on individual circumstances a full-time student may be provided with a laptop computer and internet stipend to access coursework. The equipment is the property of the school district and therefore will need to be returned to the district upon withdrawal or graduation.

Part-time students are responsible to have their own computer to use at home or school.

Students on Free or Reduced Lunch may reach out to the local cable internet provider for assistance with home internet access. Locally, Internet Essentials offers internet for $9.95 per month and an option to purchase a low-cost computer. MVP does not endorse this program and anyone with questions should reach out to your local cable internet provider.

How is attendance monitored?

Each student is expected to log into his/her coursework five days a week, whatever times and days are appropriate for that student.  The program allows flexibility and autonomy for each student/family to decide what schedule works best for them.  Students must be logged into their student account and actively complete work at least 5 days per week.  MVP will contact the school liaison with any attendance concerns and plan for follow-up with the family. Students need to be on schedule and their scores reflect learning is taking place.

Who do I contact if I need help in a course?

If the question relates to course content, books, materials needed, assessments, or assignments, the student should contact the online teacher facilitator of the course.  If the student has questions about computer specific technology issues, platform problems, or basic computer questions, the student should contact the computer vendor technology support.  If the question relates to the program, policies, or any other aspect of Montgomery Virtual Program, please contact the MVP office at 484-MVP-4101 (484-687-4101) or mvp@mciu.org.

What is asynchronous instruction?

Asynchronous instruction means the student is not required to be online at the same time as the online instructor.  Students may work at their own pace to complete coursework.  Most courses offered through MVP are asynchronous.  This requires excellent time-management on the part of the student.

Upon completion of the Advanced Placement courses, will I receive AP credits?

The AP courses offered through the Montgomery Virtual Program consist of only coursework.  Arrangements to take the AP exam must be made through the home school district.

Does Montgomery Virtual Program impose deadlines?

All initial credit courses are semester-based.  To acquire a full credit in any core subject area, the student would need to complete both semesters of the course. The deadline for semester one is usually in-line with the semester break for local districts in January.  All semester one coursework must be complete to move on to the next semester coursework.  Second semester deadline is in-line with local districts end-of-year dates. The exception is for Graduating Seniors (school districts will set this date).  To remain on target for on time course completion, students should complete a minimum of 3-5 lessons per day, per course. Extending deadlines will only be granted upon extenuating circumstances and requires district administrative approval.

Are there credit recovery options available?

Yes, we offer both credit recovery courses throughout the school year and summer school options.

 How will a student’s progress be reported?

Parents will have access to their child’s grades and progress via the student online account at any time.  Most vendors provide a parent portal for parents to log into to view grades and progress.  Other vendors offer a reporting option where a MVP staff member will send parents regular reports (vie email) on students’ progress.  Interim reports will be sent at the halfway point of each semester-based course (mid-November in the fall and mid-April in the spring) to notify parents and district of student progress.

Will Montgomery Virtual Program students be prepared for graduation and life after high school?

Montgomery Virtual Program embraces the philosophy that online courses should be as rigorous as those taken in the school buildings. The program guidelines provide courses that meet standard NCAA eligibility requirements. All credits earned through Montgomery Virtual Program are recorded as part of each high school student’s official school district transcript.  Students receive career and college counseling through their local school district.

Are students required to take state-standardized tests?

Yes, all MVP students are required to take the same state-mandated exams as their brick and mortar peers at their local school.  This includes PSSAs and Keystone Exams.

Who do I contact at the school to get more information or to enroll my child in Montgomery Virtual Program?

Reach out to any building guidance counselor. They will contact MVP with questions and enrollment information.