Choices & Solutions with MVP

Students may choose from a wide variety of advanced online classes. Our multimedia-based curriculum engages students in the learning process with highly qualified subject-certified teachers and online projects to ensure students master the instructional content. At successful completion of the class, students will receive a full credit.

Credits are accepted by schools and districts partnering with Montgomery Virtual Program. Please see your School Counselor for your school’s passing requirement.

Flexibility & Convenience

Students may access course materials anytime/anywhere when connected to the Internet and work at their own pace.  This flexibility allows students to progress with coursework during a family vacation or an out-of-town visit. A teacher is available to help each student stay on track.

Local Support

Students and parents can rely on the MVP for ongoing support.

• Face-to-face student orientation
• Technical assistance
• Trouble-shooting help
• Monitoring of student progress

2020 Schedule

• Courses start in June and end in August – Check with your school for specific dates
• Final course scores are submitted to schools by the third week of August or after your program closes
• MVP office hours: Monday – Friday, 8 AM – 4 PM (July 3rd office is closed)
• Student orientations will be held online and in some districts
• Additional information contact: or 484-687-4101

Cost to Families

$399 per course
NOTE: Students must have computer and Internet access

Expectations: Students will be expected to work daily on lessons and assignments and plan their time accordingly to be completed by the course end date. These full-year courses are consolidated into an 8-week rigorous accelerated format. Scores will be forwarded to the School/District at the end of the program.

No extensions will be granted for any reason.  All courses are non-refundable.

Additional materials such a novel may be required. Books may be checked out from the local library, school library, or purchased at the bookstore.

Help Desk

Choose your specific course platform for assistance at our Help page