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What Courses Are Available?

We support online learning from kindergarten to College

Elementary Level Courses

Personalized Learning from the Beginning

K-5 Core content courses

Language Arts



Social Studies

K-5 Elective Options



Ed Tech and Online Learning

Elementary Chinese I (3-5)

Elementary Chinese II (3-5)

Elementary Spanish

Physical Education

Gifted and Talented Options

Language Arts (3-5)

Math (3-5)

Science (3-5)

Middle School Courses

Content Diversity to Meet Your Learner Profile

Math and science


Algebra 1

Fundamentals of Geometry & Algebra


Mathematics 6

Mathematics 7

Mathematics 8



Earth Science

Life Science

Physical Science

Science 6

Science 7

Science 8

ELA and Social Studies

English/Language Arts




Social Studies

Social Studies 6

Social Studies 7

Social Studies 8

U.S. History

World Cultures & Geography

World History

World Languages, Health & PE

World Languages

Spanish 1, 2

French 1, 2

Chinese 1, 2

German 1, 2

Latin 1, 2

Health & Physical Education

Adaptive PE

Credit Recovery PE 1 & 2

Fitness Basics 1 & 2


Homebound PE and Health

Intro to Group Sports 1 & 2

Intro to Individual Sports 1 & 2

Life Skills

Physical Education 6, 7, 8


2D Studio Art

Art 6

Art 7

Art 8

Career Explorations 8

Digital Art and Design

Exploring Music

Family and Consumer Science

Health 6

Health 7

Health 8

Intro to Digital Photography


Music 6

Music 7

Music 8


Strategies for Academic Success

Test Preparation

Keystone Algebra I

High School Courses

Extensive Options That Support All Learning Paths

Advanced Placement®

Language Arts 

AP® English Language & Composition

AP® English Literature & Composition


AP® Calculus AB

AP® Calculus BC

AP® Statistics


AP® Biology

AP® Chemistry

AP® Environmental Science

AP® Physics 1

AP® Physics C

Social Studies

AP® European History

AP® US Government & Politics

AP® Human Geography

AP® Psychology

AP® US History

AP® World History

Elective Areas

AP® Art History

AP® Computer Science A

AP® Computer Science Principles

AP® Economics – prepares students for both Micro and Macro exams.

AP® French Language & Culture

AP® Spanish Language & Culture

AP® Music Theory

Business & Information technology


C++ Programming

Computer Applications: Microsoft Office

Computer Fundamentals

Computer Literacy

Computer Science

Concepts of Engineering and Technology

Game Design I, II

Image Design & Editing

International Business

Introduction to Business

Introduction to Information Technology

Introduction to Marketing I, II

Introduction to Social Media

Java Programming I, II

Microsoft Office Specialist

Online Learning & Digital Citizenship

Web Development

AP® Computer Science


American Literature

British and World Literature

Contemporary American Literature

Creative Writing

English 9

English 10

English 11

English 12

English Foundations I, II

Expository Reading and Writing

Gothic Literature

Grammar and Composition

Intro to Communications and Speech


Literacy & Comprehension I, II

Literary Analysis & Composition I, II

Mythology & Folklore

Public Speaking

AP® English Language & Composition

AP® English Literature & Composition

Electives, Career & College Readiness

Achieving Your Career and College Goals

Advertising and Sales Promotion

Career Explorations

Career Planning and Development

Careers in Criminal Justice

Cybersecurity I, II

Early Childhood Education

Family and Consumer Science

Fashion and Interior Design

Hospitality and Tourism

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Introduction to Manufacturing

Introduction to Military Careers

Introduction to Renewable Technologies

Law & Order/Legal Studies

Medical Terminology

National Security

Peer Counseling

Principles of Public Service: To Serve and Protect

Real World Parenting

Restaurant Management

Sports and Entertainment Marketing


Algebra I, II


Consumer Math

Continuing Algebra

Developmental Algebra

Financial Math


Integrated Mathematics I, II, III

Math Foundations I, II

Mathematics Models with Applications

Personal Finance

Practical Math




Probability & Statistics


AP® Calculus AB

AP® Calculus BC

AP® Statistics

Fine Arts & Design

2D Art Animation

3D Modeling

Art History

Art in World Cultures

Digital Arts I

Digital Arts II

Digital Photography I, II

Fine Art

Introduction to Culinary Arts

Introduction to Art

Music Appreciation

Web Development

AP® Art History

AP® Music Theory

Health & PE

Adaptive PE

Advanced PE 1 & 2

Comprehensive PE

Concepts in Fitness

Contemporary Health

Drugs and Alcohol

Exercise Science

Family Living & Healthy Relationships

First Aid & Safety

Fitness Fundamentals I, II

Flexibility Training

Group Sports

Health and Personal Wellness

Health and Physical Education Bundle (year long)

Health Science Concepts

Health Science I, II

Healthy Living

Individual & Dual Sports 1 & 2

Individual Sports

Intro to Coaching

Introduction to Health Science

Lifetime Fitness

Nutrition and Wellness

Personal Training

Physical Education


Skills for Health

Sports Officiating

Strength Training

Walking Fitness


Agriscience I, II






Earth and Space Science

Environmental Science

Forensic Science I, II

Great Minds in Science

Health Science Concepts

Introduction to Physics

Marine Science

Physical Science



Veterinary Science

AP® Biology

AP® Chemistry

AP® Environmental Science

AP® Physics C

AP® Physics 1

Social-Emotional Learning

Character & Leadership Development

College and Career Readiness

Mental Health & Wellness

Personal Development

Social & Emotional Success

Unlock Your Purpose

social studies

African-American History

American Government

American History

Anthropology I, II



Contemporary World Issues




History of the Holocaust

Modern US History

Modern World Studies



Social Problems I, II

Sociology I, II

U.S. and Global Economics

U.S. Government and Politics

U.S. History

World History

World Religions

AP® World History

AP® Psychology

AP® Human Geography

AP® US History

AP® European History

AP® Macroeconomics

AP® Microeconomics

AP® US Government

Test Prep




Keystone Algebra I

Keystone Biology

Keystone Literature


World Languages

Spanish I, II, III, IV

Chinese I, II

French I, II, III

German I, II, III

Latin I, II

AP® French Language & Culture

AP® Spanish Language & Culture

Advance Beyond K-12 With Dual Enrollment Options

Students have the opportunity to earn three college credits and one high school credit simultaneously with the Dual Enrollment program.  Our program offers access to over 120 college level courses from Arizona State University that are eligible for potential credit transfer to other institutions throughout the US.  

Earn College Credit As A High School Student

  • Access an online university professor
  • Students work with a university learning coach and High School teacher for additional support
  • Admission advantage to Arizona State University

ASU Summer 2021 Course Offerings

Some courses are subject to availability and enrollment thresholds. 

If you have a question about a specific course, please call MVP for more information.

Art History

Art from Renaissance through Present

Art of Africa/Oceania/Americas

Art of Asia

Art Prehistory through Middle Ages

History of Photography

Business and Careers

Career Development

Communication in Business and the Professions

Exploration of Public Service and Careers

Introduction to Nonprofit Organizations



Users of Accounting Info I and II


All About Data

Elements of Intercultural Communication

Elements of Interpersonal Communication

Everyday Grammar

Fundamentals of Coding

Introduction to Communications Inquiry

Introduction to Human Communication

Media and Culture

Media and Society

Media Issues in American Pop Culture

Media Research Methods

Criminal Justice

Courts and Sentencing

Crime Control and Policies

Criminal Justice Crime Control Policies and Practices

Economics and Public Policy

Introduction to Criminal Justice

Introduction to Corrections

Introduction to Policing

Professional Growth in Criminal Justice

Public Service in the 21st Century


Exploration of Education

Understanding the Culturally Diverse Learner

Children’s Literature

Orientation to Education of Exceptional Children

Technology Literacy: Problem Solving Using Digital Technology Applications

The Developing Child:  Theory into Practice, Prenatal-Grade 3


Introduction to Engineering

General Chemistry for Engineers

Human Systems Engineering

Introduction to Information Technology

University Physics I: Mechanics and Lab


First Year Composition 101

First Year Composition 102

Fine Art

Art in My World

Introduction to Digital Culture

Media Literacy for Musicians

Nonmajors Class Piano:  Beginner

Medical Sciences

Introduction to Health Professions and the US Health Care System

Culture and Health

Clinical Health Care Ethics

Human Pathophysiology I and II

Human Development

Human Pathophysiology

Introduction to Nursing and Health Care Systems

Introduction to Health Innovation

Health and Wellness

Introduction to Clinical Informatics

Applied Food Principles

Cultural Aspects of Health

Foundations of Health and Well-Being

Introduction to Global Health

Introduction to Nutrition, Health, and Safety

Introductory Nutrition


College Mathematics

Brief Calculus

College Algebra

Elements of Statistics


Calculus for Engineers I and II

Calculus for Life Sciences

Finite Math


Engineering Perspectives on Biological Systems

General Biology I and II

Introductory Chemistry

General Chemistry II

Greek and Latin Roots in Bioscientific Terminology

Habitable Worlds

Introduction to Environmental Science

The Living World

Social Studies/Social Sciences

Buried Cities and Lost Tribes

Economics:  A Social Issues Perspective

Global History to 1500

Introduction to Social Work

Introduction to Sociology

Introduction to Psychology

Introductory Ethics:  A Social Perspectives

Modern Social Problems

Racial and Ethnic Relations

US History to 1865

US History 1865 to present

World History since 1500


Careers in Sustainability

Introduction to Applied Mathematics for Life and Social Sciences

Special Topics, Sustainability Issues

Sustainability Science and Society

Sustainable Cities

Sustainable World

Systems Thinking

The Thread of Energy


Principles of Programming with C++

Computer Applications and Information Technology

Creative Thinking and Visual Design

Graphic Communications

Principles of Programming

World Languages

Elementary French I and II

Intermediate French I and II

Elementary Romanian

Intermediate Romanian

Elementary Spanish I and II

Intermediate Spanish

MVP Course Catalog