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MVP Homebound Program
Homebound Flyer
Hospitalized and homebound students present a particular challenge to both school districts and impacted families. Injury and illness along with any recovery time should not impact progress towards grade advancement or graduation. However, homebound or hospitalized students are unable to physically attend school, and staffing to help these students is very expensive.

Montgomery Virtual Program (MVP) can help families and districts overcome these obstacles through a homebound program that is both cost-effective and high-quality. MVP already provides highly-qualified state-certified teachers and a catalog of state standards aligned courses for students in grades 6-12. With our Homebound program, we provide the same instructional approach but with additional layers of support that take into account IEP and 504 accommodations and short-to-long term course customization to ensure that the student is progressing.

Instructional Approach

With the homebound program, MVP will provide:

  • Customized courses to match the district’s pacing guide for courses so the students can simply pick up where they left off.
  • An MVP Coordinator and Vendor Admissions Specialist for each student. The MVP Coordinator is the district’s initial point-of-contact for each enrollment. During this implementation phase MVP will coordinate with the vendor admission specialist to:
    • Receive the admission order from district and process the order
    • Enroll the student in semester course/s with pre-testing enabled
    • Request a copy of the IEP or 504
    • Communicate the name and contact information of the Special Education Teacher that works with the district during intake
    • Set up a meeting to discuss the student IEP or specific needs with the district, MVP, and Special Education Teacher
  • The Special Education Teacher will ensure that reasonable accommodations and modifications are made for the students. Additionally, this special education teacher will evaluate and review student progress on a regular basis and communicate successes and weaknesses to the district designee. For initial intake, the special education teacher will adhere to the process below:
    • Receive admissions confirmation from the specialist and MVP
    • Meet with district to discuss the IEP (virtually)
    • Make appropriate modifications to courses and communicate with online teacher(s)
    • Note important details in the Student Information System (SIS)
    • Follow up with the online teacher(s)
    • Schedules and holds orientation meeting with the student and parent
  • A Virtual Teacher will be assigned who is highly-qualified and state-certified. This teacher will ensure that accommodations are correctly implemented and followed within the course. The teacher(s) will also use a standard instructional approach that involves grading, responding to questions, intervention and escalation, and proactive outreach. The initial steps for the teacher are:
    • Welcome the student and communicate the plan for success in the course
    • Evaluate and review student progress on a regular basis with constructive and effective feedback
    • Augment instruction as necessary with supplemental and enrichment opportunities
    • Offer 1:1 and group study hall and remediation sessions

In order to complete the partnership, MVP requests that the district provide an onsite mentor and/or administrator who will serve as primary points of contact for student concerns or escalations. At the beginning of this process, this person should provide a contact list for escalations and communicate any changes to that list throughout the year. Additionally, this person should be available for update meetings and other discussions as necessary. The district may assign more than one liaison depending on volume but there should be one primary point of contact with decision-making authority.


Given the transient nature of the program, MVP will bill the district based on an anticipated number of total student weeks in the program. At the end of the course MCIU will verify the actual number of weeks and either credit or bill for any outstanding balances.

Pricing ranges on the number of courses and length of service.

One to four core courses with services listed above: Priced per week of service (Contact MVP for current pricing)