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How we deliver

MVP offers a range of products to help students stay on target and aim higher.



In Time

Moderate the risk of course failure with a nine-week unit recovery program.

Credit Recovery

Stay on pace with a wide selection of multimedia-based curricular options.


Flexible learning options for students unable to attend school. 

Enrichment and Advancement

Advanced Placement®

Enhance a college admissions profile by accessing twenty-three AP® courses.

Course Advancement

Fulfill prerequisites or other requirements to open up scheduling options and meet individual learning goals.

Dual Enrollment

Earn 3 college credits and 1 high school credit simultaneously from top-tier universities across the US. Over 120 courses available.

Summer Options

Whether you need to get a jump start on coursework for the next school year or to catch up on courses that you may not have successfully completed during the current school year, MVP has a variety of flexible summer options to help you meet your goals.