MVP offers dual enrollment that allow students the opportunity to earn high school and college credit simultaneously, challenge themselves academically, and prove to universities that they can perform college-level work. Students can jump-start their college careers to save both time and money. The course credits are eligible for potential transfer to most colleges and universities.

Credits offered by Arizona State University

  • Engaging and self-paced
  • Online university professor
  • Admission advantage to Arizona State University
  • Students work with a university learning coach and High School teacher for additional support

Course offerings earning three college credits:

Applied Food Principles
Art from Renaissance through Present
Art in My World
Art of Africa/Oceania/Americas
Art of Asia
Art Prehistory through Middle Ages
Brief Calculus
Buried Cities and Lost Tribes
Calculus for Engineers I
Calculus for Engineers II
Calculus for Life Sciences
Career Development
Careers in Sustainability
Children’s Literature
Clinical Health Care Ethics
College Algebra
College Mathematics
Communication in Business and the Professions
Computer Applications and Information Technology
Courts and Sentencing
Creative Thinking & Design Visualization
Crime Control and Policies
Criminal Justice Crime Control Policies and Practices
Cultural Aspects of Health
Culture and Health
Culture and Health
Economics and Public Policy
Economics: A Social Issues Perspective
Elementary French I
Elementary French II
Elementary Romanian
Elementary Spanish I
Elementary Spanish II
Elements of Intercultural Communication
Elements of Interpersonal Communication
Elements of Statistics
Engineering Perspectives on Biological Systems
Everyday Grammar
Exploration of Education
Exploration of Public Service and Careers
Finite Math
First Year Composition 101
First Year Composition 102
Foundations of Health and Well-Being
Fundamentals of Coding
General Biology I
General Biology II
General Chemistry for Engineers
General Chemistry II
Global History to 1500
Graphic Communications
Greek and Latin Roots in Bioscientific Terminology
Habitable Worlds
History of Photography
Human Anatomy and Physiology I
Human Anatomy and Physiology II
Human Development
Human Pathophysiology
Intermediate French II
Intermediate Romanian
Intermediate Spanish
Intermediate French I
Intro to Clinical Informatics
Intro to Criminal Justice
Intro to Health Professions and the US Health Care System
Intro to Information Technology
Intro to Social Work
Intro to Sociology
Introduction to Applied Mathematics for Life and Social Sciences
Introduction to Communication Inquiry
Introduction to Corrections
Introduction to Criminology
Introduction to Digital Culture
Introduction to Engineering
Introduction to Environmental Science
Introduction to Global Health
Introduction to Human Communication
Introduction to Nonprofit Organizations
Introduction to Nursing and Health Care Systems
Introduction to Nutrition, Health and Safety
Introduction to Policing
Introduction to Psychology
Introductory Chemistry
Introductory Ethics: A Social Issues Perspectives
Introductory Nutrition
Media and Culture
Media and Society
Media Issues in American Pop Culture
Media Literacy for Musicians
Media Research Methods
Modern Social Problems
Nonmajors Class Piano: Beginner
Orientation to Education of Exceptional Children
Principles of Programming
Principles of Programming with C++
Professional Growth in Criminal Justice
Public Service in the 21st Century
Racial and Ethnic Relations
Special Topics, Sustainability Issues
Sustainability Science and Society
Sustainable Cities
Sustainable World
Systems Thinking
Technology Literacy: Problem Solving using Digital Technology Applications
The Developing Child: Theory into Practice, Prenatal-Grade 3
The Living World
The Thread of Energy
Topic: Introduction to Health Innovation
Understanding the Culturally Diverse Learner
University Physics I: Mechanics + Lab
US History 1865 to present
US History to 1865
Uses of Accounting Info
Uses of Accounting Info II
World History Since 1500

Three college credits are offered by Arizona State University.  Please contact MVP for more details.