With an instructional model grounded in research, our vendor course offerings combine rigorous content with direct-instruction videos from expert, on-screen teachers, multimedia, and interactive learning tools and resources to engage and motivate students. There are also embedded supports and scaffolds in every lesson to ensure that all students can be successful.

The use of our vendor content with the above supports in a concurrent or site license option allows for the use of your own teachers as the teachers of record.

Concurrent licenses allows schools to have an “unlimited” number of students receiving the benefits from the same license over and over. In concurrent licensing, MVP doesn’t charge for students that do not complete, so all students benefit, and students can take an unlimited number of courses – you don’t pay per course. Licenses are recycled all day every day, you never have to wait for a student to complete a course for another student to use the license.

Site licensing courses are comprised of standards-based instructional content specifically developed for online delivery, with integrated assessment opportunities, scaffolding to support learning for all students, and resources to support effective teaching. This blended model of instruction allows your teachers access to the online curriculum to use with their students. Teachers use the online dashboard data to drive instruction to improve student learning.