During the summer MVP offers multiple options to meet the continuing needs of students: Credit Recovery, Course Advancement, and Spark.

Our most popular summer option is the credit recovery program which remediates students who were unsuccessful in completing coursework during the school year. Coursework is custom designed for students based on the results of a diagnostic exam given at the start of the course. This ensures that students spend their time learning the skills and content that they most need. Like all MVP offerings summer courses are taught by certified teachers.

The Course Advancement program is geared to the motivated student looking to take a prerequisite course in order to course advance to a higher level course during the school year. This programs allows students to take a full year course in an eight week accelerated format (your school’s program duration may vary). This is an intensive program that is ideal for students willing to put in the time and effort to complete a full year course in a highly accelerated timeframe.

Our Spark program is geared towards the K-8 student looking for additional supports and practice in English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics. It is a flexible 8 week program that promotes mastery lessons appropriate for each grade level. Spark is a media-rich set of content-based assessment tools and instructional materials designed specifically to support PA State Standards. This program creates individualized and prescriptive learning paths based on each student’s specific level of skills mastery, providing them with extremely efficient targeted skills practice and remediation. Spark is a content only solution without a facilitating teacher.

MVP courses provides students the opportunity to access coursework 24/7 anywhere they have an internet connection so family vacations are not impacted like traditional summer school. A teacher is available to help students stay on track with our Credit Recovery and Course Advancement programs.

Credit Recovery Course Advancement SPARK