Spark Flyer

Assessment and Remediation Tool for English Language Arts (ELA) & Math K -8 Students

SPARK is a flexible and media-rich set of content-based assessment tools and instructional materials  designed specifically to support the state standards for recommended grades K-8. SPARK creates individualized and prescriptive learning paths based on each student’s specific level of skills mastery, providing them with extremely efficient and targeted skills practice and remediation.



  • Promotes mastery of K-8 English Language Arts (ELA) and math skills
  • 17-25 units (individual skill lesson and assessment) in both ELA and math per grade level
  • Lessons utilize grade-appropriate texts
  • More than 1,600 skill assessment questions
  • Prescriptive learning paths
  • Lessons are embedded with rich animations and multimedia, direct-instruction videos, and dynamic learning activities
  • Can be utilized as a standalone or as part of a course of study



Each SPARK unit focuses on a single skill. SPARK utilizes Odysseyware’s CRx (Credit Recovery) mode, assigning a pretest for each unit. Based on the results of the assessment, if a student passes, they are assigned the next pretest. If a student fails the pretest, they are assigned a remedial skill lesson, followed by a post-test.