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Summer Registration is NOW OPEN!

Parent Pay

How To Register With MVP

MVP Genius SIS

The Montgomery Virtual Program uses Genius SIS to provide students and families a comprehensive dashboard to register, pay, and access your online courses.

To register for your parent pay program, Click the Link Below:

  1. Click Login or Visit (MVP.GeniusSIS.com)
    1. Existing Users: Log In or Recover Password 
    2. New Users: Create Your Account
      1. Check Your Email and Log In
  2. Complete a Course Request
  3. Make A Payment to complete your order

All summer courses must be paid in full before the MVP team will complete summer enrollment process.   Please see notes below for exceptions:

    1. Spring Term Students: You are not responsible for district-pay spring charges that may appear on your ledger.  Please only pay for your requested summer course charge! 
    2. School-Sponsored Summer Program:  If your school district is sponsoring the summer program at no cost to your family, you do not need to complete the payment process.

Registration Directions: Step By Step

  1. Go To MVP.GeniusSIS.com
  2. Returning Students: Log into your existing account 
    1. If you do not remember your username or password, please use the password recovery feature on the log in screen.
    2. Please review and confirm your student and guardian information
  3. First Time MVP Students: “Create Account
    1. Fill out the student and guardian information.
      1. Double-check student and guardian email addresses to be sure it is accurate.
      2. Be sure to select the school district and school under “Affiliation” as this will be sure you have the correct course catalog available when registering.
      3. If your district or school is not available under affiliation, please contact MVP.
    2. Click “Save”
    3. Account Creation Confirmation: Check your email for your log in credentials and next steps.
  1. Check Your Email and Access your Username and Password
  2. Note: If no emails have arrived:
    1. Confirm that you clicked save and successfully completed your application.
    2. Check your SPAM or junk folder in your email.
  3. Return To MVP.GeniusSIS.com
  4. Log In using your new Username and Password
    1. Optional: Reset Your Password
      1. Click your name in the top right corner.
      2. Select Edit Account
      3. Use the “change password” section to reset to a password of your choice.
  1. On the Left Hand Menu, Click “Request Course” (Listed 2nd under “Dashboard”)
  2. Click “Request New Course” Button and Complete All Fields
    1. Select Your “Term” (ex: Summer)
    2. Select the Correct “Program”
      1. Course Advancement (CA): Choose CA if you are taking an approved advanced course to accelerate your learning path.
      2. Credit Recovery (CR): Choose CR if you are retaking a course due to a school-year failure.
      3. Enrichment: Select Enrichment if you registering for an exploratory or non-credit bearing program.
    3. Select Your “Course”
      1. Note: Each school district has a pre-approved course catalog for summer school.  Please double check the course list before selecting “other” from the list.
    4. Select the Start Date for your program
      1. This is set by the school district for Course Advancement and Credit Recovery programs.  Any student registering for a summer program will be enrolled based on the program dates provided by their school.
    5. Optional: Notes
      1. Please detail any course enrollment notes (ie Enrichment Course title)
  3. Click “Save”
    1. The completed Course Request will appear in the list as “Waiting Review” until payment is completed and confirmed by the MVP team.
    2. If you have another course to add, complete another “Request New Course”
  4. Once you have added all course requests, please complete payment.
    1. Note: It may take some time for course requests to change over to “Approved.” To ensure a timely review of your course request, please complete payment after saving all of your course requests.

*Any completed Course Request will appear in the list as “Waiting Review” until payment is completed*

  1. Once you have completed all Course Requests, Select “Click Here to make payment” below the course request list.
    1. Note: There is also a button the left side menu titled “Make A Payment”
  2. Confirm Your Charges
    1. The student ledger will list any charges to your account (Example: “Enrollment fee for Geometry”)
    2.  NOTE FOR SPRING TERM STUDENTS:  You may see charges on your ledger from the spring term that are the school district’s responsibility.  No action is necessary on your part, you are only responsible for the requested course charges for summer.
    3. You may be participating in a school sponsored summer program.  If this is the case, you are not responsible for the incurred charge upon registration completion.
  3. Enter Your Payment Information in the fields provided.
  4. Click “Submit”
    1. If your payment was successful, you will receive a confirmation and the student ledger will be updated with a credit.
    2. Double-check that your balance is now “0” to avoid any delays in course request approval and enrollment.
  5. Registration Complete: Next Steps
    1. Check your student dashboard periodically to ensure that your course request was approved.
      1. Please remember that this may take a some time to complete if your course doesn’t start for awhile.  Early Summer course requests may take weeks before approvals are live in the system.
    2. Check your email on your start date for details about accessing your online course.

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