MVP online learning solutions cater to each districts’ needs, with a few mandatory requirements that have proven to make MVP’s program successful.

MVP and the districts work together to identify and designate a school administrator and building level principal and/or counselor to be the School Liaisons and main contact for MVP.

When districts have personnel vested in the program, the success rate for students increase. Students continue to be enrolled in the home district and are considered district students.

School Liaisons will register students with MVP by completing an online form to include student demographics, course selections, and course start and end dates. They will be responsible to provide MVP with information for course customizations by editing the provided course scope and sequences if needed. Districts verify that students are being enrolled in appropriate courses and that all credits for graduation are being met.

If applicable, it will be the responsibility of the district to ensure any student IEP or Section 504 accommodation plans are revised and the student is receiving curriculum modifications, adaptations, accommodations, and related services as needed.

At the conclusion of the course, the School Liaisons will interpret percentage scores reported by MVP for report cards and transcripts and deliver any required state testing. The district will continue as the LEA and process all student information and maintain all required student records.