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Frequently Asked Questions for Prospective Students

What is  Montgomery Virtual Program (MVP)?

MVP is an online learning program offered by the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit (MCIU).  MVP allows students take online courses while maintaining enrollment with their local school district. 

Who can enroll in MVP courses?

K-12 students who are members of a participating school or district may enroll in courses through the Montgomery Virtual Program.

Is the program accredited?

Yes, courses available through the Montgomery Virtual Program are aligned to the PA Core Standards and are taught by PA certified teachers.

Are accommodations met for students that have IEPs and/or 504s? What about ELL?

Online courses have built in flexibility, adaptations such as text-to-speech, unlimited time on tests, translation features, and vocabulary help.  We contract with the local districts to meet the needs and accommodations outlined by a student’s IEP. The student must be monitored by a case manager assigned by the school to ensure the student’s needs are being met.  The local school’s special education staff should develop the IEP and create a learning plan that meets the student’s needs. All students enrolled in MVP courses must have someone in the household that speaks English.

What is the cost of courses through Montgomery Virtual Program?

Please contact the Program Administrator for pricing details. mvp@mciu.org

What equipment do I need?

To complete online courses, a computer with internet access is needed. A Chromebook, Windows or Macintosh computer is required.

Who do I contact at the school to get more information about MVP?

Contact your local building’s guidance staff. They will contact MVP with questions and obtain enrollment information.

How do I enroll my child in MVP?

Step 1: The student or family member needs to contact the school counselor or school liaison to begin the process. The school or district must be a participating partner with the Montgomery Virtual Program. 

Step 2: The school representative is responsible for completing the online enrollment form and recommend appropriate courses to ensure all graduation requirements are fulfilled. 

Step 3: Once the enrollment form from the school is received, MVP can outfit the student with the necessary credentials and coursework access.

Step 4: An MVP program specialist will contact the student to schedule an orientation, complete the enrollment process, and have the student ready to begin the coursework.


Why would a student choose to enroll in MVP?

There are a variety of reasons for a student to enroll in MVP.  

  • MVP offers a wide array of course offerings to accommodate many different academic needs.  (ie Credit Recovery, Course Advancement, Summer School)
  • Working students, students who have become parents, and students involved in pre-professional extracurricular activities can access a full schedule of online classes through the Montgomery Virtual Program
  • Online courses also benefit students who need a more challenging curriculum or more individualized curricular plan.  
  • Parents who wish to have more control over their children’s education find that Montgomery Virtual Program allows parents to remain actively involved in the scheduling, delivery, and facilitation of instruction.  

Are there any benefits to choosing MVP instead of a cyber charter school?

MVP students are afforded numerous benefits that a cyber-charter cannot match.  We offer:

  • Participation in local school district extra-curricular activities and school-sponsored events
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Local support
  • Participation in Career and Technical Centers (CTCs)
  • Instructional support offered by the home school district.

In addition, students graduate with a diploma from their home school/district. Because our local schools maintain high rankings at the state and local levels, a district diploma is highly valuable in the college admission process.

Does the school district provide transportation?

No, the school district does not provide any transportation for the student who may have to return to the school for services.  That responsibility falls on the family of the student.

When can a student enroll in courses?

In general, MVP accepts enrollments throughout the school-year.  There are some AP, collegiate, and dual-enrollment courses that adhere to strict enrollment periods.

Does MVP offer courses with varying difficulty levels?

MVP offers a diverse range of courses which span from remedial to honors level.  AP courses are also available. Because MVP courses are thorough and rigorous, it is important for students to maintain a schedule in order to ensure that coursework scores accurately reflect the learning that is taking place.

How is attendance monitored?

Each student is expected to log into his or her coursework five days a week.  The program allows for flexibility and autonomy for each student/family to decide what schedule works best for them.  MVP will contact the school liaison with any attendance concerns and plan for follow-up with the family as needed. 

Are there coursework deadlines for MVP classes?

In order to provide a seamless integration, our course terms are tied to district-provided dates.  The deadline for semester one is usually in line with the semester break for local districts and all semester one coursework must be complete in order to move on to the second semester coursework.  

Similarly, the second semester deadline is usually in-line with the local district’s end of year dates. The exception is for Graduating Seniors (school districts will set this date).  

To remain on target for on time course completion, students should complete a minimum of 3-5 lessons per day. Extending deadlines will only be granted upon extenuating circumstances and requires district administrative approval.

How is a student’s progress monitored throughout a course?

Staff members from MVP work with school district personnel to monitor the progress of all students. When students are not keeping up with work or performing poorly in a course, both the building liaison and the parents are notified.  

Who do I contact if I need help in a course?

  • For course content, books, materials needed, assessments, or assignments, the student should contact the online teacher for the course.  
  • For platform access issues or general platform troubleshooting, the student should contact the vendor help-desk directly. (ie Edgenuity, Calvert, or ASU)
  • If the student has questions about computer specific issues or basic computer questions, the student should contact the school district that issued the device.  
  • If the question relates to the program, policies, or any other aspect of Montgomery Virtual Program, please contact the MVP office at (484-687-4101) or mvp@mciu.org.

Are students required to take state-standardized tests?

Yes, all MVP students are required to take the same state-mandated exams as their brick and mortar peers at their local school.  This includes PSSAs and Keystone Exams.


How will a student’s grade be reported?

The course percentage from each online course is delivered to the district upon completion and the district is responsible for designating a letter grade according to school district guidelines.  Report card and transcript generation may vary from district to district.

Upon completion of an Advanced Placement course, will I receive AP credits?

The AP courses offered through the Montgomery Virtual Program consist of only coursework.  Arrangements to take the AP exam must be made through the home school district.

I need to maintain NCAA eligibility, can I accomplish this with MVP?

Absolutely!  Our extensive range of course offerings are NCAA certified and taught by a PA certified teacher.  

Note: Because our courses are semester-based, in order to acquire a full credit in any core subject area, the student would need to complete both semesters of the course. (Example: Algebra I – Part A and Algebra I – Part B)

Will MVP students be prepared for graduation and life after high school?

Montgomery Virtual Program embraces the philosophy that online courses should be as rigorous as those taken in the school buildings. The program guidelines provide courses that meet standard NCAA eligibility requirements. All credits earned through Montgomery Virtual Program are recorded as part of each high school student’s official school district transcript.  Students receive career and college counseling through their local school district.

Can I withdraw from the MVP program?

If a student is having problems with the coursework, technology, or any other aspect to online learning, it is the responsibility of the student/family to contact the district or MVP immediately.  We will do everything possible to rectify any concern and work to make this a successful school year. If the situation cannot be resolved or the student needs to withdrawal from the program, an MVP representative will refer the student to their guidance counselor who will complete the online withdrawal form.  If the student wishes to withdrawal from the district, the student will also need to contact the district for the school procedures.

What are the roles of the MVP specialists?

Montgomery Virtual Program acts as an intermediary between the online vendors, online teachers, local schools/districts, and the students/families.  

We will: 

  • Serve as an advocate for students and families 
  • Provide current information to school/district staff members 
  • Closely monitor student progress to help students meet course expectations
  • Address concerns, as needed, by contacting the student, parents, school counselor, online instructor, or other relevant person
  • Provide student performance reports to all school liaisons

What is the role of the school district?

It is important for school districts to appoint two points of contact. 

  • A central office liaison that can make programmatic decisions regarding the program 
  • A school liaison (guidance counselor) with whom MVP may communicate regarding courses and progress

Other responsibilities include decisions regarding grades, report cards, deadlines, incomplete work, IEPs and 504s, and possible instructional support opportunities for MVP students.

What role do parents play in an online learning environment?

Parents are to attend any mandatory orientation meetings for newly enrolled students.  Parents must ensure each student has readily available internet access. Parents should be prepared to provide supervision and act as a direct contact.  To assist with student accountability, we ask that parents look at the quarterly progress reports to monitor student progress.  

This program is only successful if the student completes the work.  It is important that students have a solid support system to help them stay on track with their course work.


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