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MVP has partnered with Arizona State University to offer courses for college credits this summer. Receive three credits for every course that is successfully completed. Credits are accepted at most colleges and universities across the country. Please verify transfer acceptance prior to enrolling with MVP.


  • Engaging, instructor led courses
  • Online university professor
  • Students work with a university learning coach to prepare for college experience
  • Admission advantage to Arizona State University


  • Program runs from July 3 to August 13, 2019
  • You must register no later than 6/22/2019.  DATES ARE NOT FLEXIBLE.
  • All correspondence and student progress will be directly between the University and the Student.   Final grades will be sent to the student email account only.
  • Cost:  $1,000 per course.  *Please note:  Math, Science, and World Language Courses require a pretest. For English 101 there is a placement assessment that is an additional $55 paid directly to CollegeBoard.


MVP’s Summer Enrichment Courses for three College Credits are:

Subject Name of Course Course Code
Art History Art from Renaissance through Present ARS 102
Art History History of Photography ARS 250
Busness and Careers Career Development CED 250
Busness and Careers Communication in Business and the Professions COM 259
Busness and Careers Exploration of Public Service and Careers PAF 200
Busness and Careers Microeconomics ECN 212
Communications  Introduction to Human Communication COM 100
Communications All About Data ACO 100
Communications Elements of Intercultural Communication COM 263
Communications Elements of Interpersonal Communication COM 110
Communications Everyday Grammar MCO 101
Communications Fundamentals of Coding MCO 102
Communications Introduction to Communication Inquiry COM 207
Communications Media and Society MCO 120
Communications Media Issues in American Pop Culture MCO 240
Criminal Justice Economics and Public Policy PAF 201
Criminal Justice Crime Control and Policies CRJ 201
Criminal Justice Intro to Criminal Justice CRJ 100
Criminal Justice Introduction to Criminology CRJ 225
Criminal Justice Introduction to Policing CRJ 230
Criminal Justice Public Service in the 21st Century PAF 200
English First Year Composition 101 ENG 101
Health and Wellness Foundations of Health and Well-Being CHS 100
Health and Wellness Introduction to Global Health ASB 100
Health and Wellness Introductory Nutrition NTR 100
Health and Wellness Cultural Aspects of Health HCD 210
Mathematics Finite Math MAT 119
Mathematics Brief Calculus MAT 210
Mathematics Calculus for Engineers I MAT 265
Mathematics Calculus for Engineers II MAT 266
Mathematics Calculus for Life Sciences MAT 251
Mathematics College Algebra MAT 117
Mathematics College Mathematics MAT 142
Mathematics Elements of Statistics STP 226
Mathematics PreCalculus MAT 170
Medical Sciences Human Development CDE 232
Science Greek and Latin Roots in Bioscientific Terminology BIO 140, GRK
140, LAT 140 or
SLC 140
Science Habitable Worlds SES 106
Science Introduction to Environmental Science BIO 130
Science Introductory Chemistry CHM 101
BIO 100
Science The Living World BIO 100
Social Studies/Social Sciences  US History 1865 to present HST 110
Social Studies/Social Sciences Buried Cities and Lost Tribes ASB 222
Social Studies/Social Sciences Global History to 1500 HST 100
SWU 171
Social Studies/Social Sciences Intro to Sociology SOC 101
Social Studies/Social Sciences Introduction to Psychology PSY 101
Social Studies/Social Sciences Introductory Ethics: A Social Issues Perspectives SWU 183
Social Studies/Social Sciences Modern Social Problems SOC 241
Social Studies/Social Sciences Racial and Ethnic Relations SOC 270
Social Studies/Social Sciences US History to 1865 HST 109
Social Studies/Social Sciences World History since 1500 HST 101
Sustainability Careers in Sustainability SOS 231
Sustainability Introduction to Applied Mathematics for Life and Social Sciences SOS 101
Sustainability Sustainable Cities SOS 111
Sustainability Sustainable World SOS 110
Sustainability Systems Thinking SOS 220
Technology Creative Thinking & Design Visualization GIT 210

For course description and prerequisites, please visit Arizona State University. Please ensure your course selection is listed above; not all ASU courses are available in the Summer.